6 Apr 2010

My cats

I came back from the university today and found the two felines on my bed. They know they're not supposed to be there so the moment they saw me, Chi chi sat up and looked abashed. Ginger on the other hand purposely rolled over, exposing her tummy for a rub. I can't help it - I'm a louzy disciplinarian. So I gave each of them a rub and scolded them a bit but they know me better I guess.

Looking at Ginger reminds me of the kitten I found in my backyard last weekend. Its also ginger in colour and so skinny. But I can't take it with me because we already have six cats - imagine 6 cats living in the apartment with us. We have more cats than people in the house. This weekend I'm not going back to Malacca so I don't know what will happen to it - will it still be there? I hope so - maybe I'll take it to the vet then for a vaccination and after that get someone to adopt it.

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