13 Jan 2009

when will it end?

Its more than 17 days since Israel first attacked Gaza. More than 900 people - 45% of them women and children have died. More than 3500 are injured. The count could be more because nobody is really sure how many have died since the first planes made their attack. Of course Hamas is fighting back - but its rather like a dog barking at the mountain. The ratio of Israeli to Palestinian deaths is like 2:10. How fair is this? What is the world doing to stop the brutal murder of a people? Until they have totally been obliterated, like the native Americans in the early 17th and 18th century? Until the only native Americans to be found lived in reservations, and of the countless tribes there remain now only a few? So is that to be a fate of the Palestinians too? Will the world look on as a people disappear swallowed by zionist ambitions to gain more land.
True there have been protests in some countries, namely Muslim countries. In London, its the Jews who are protesting. Against what? That Hamas, for all their rocket attacks is not denting one bit of the enemy's armour? And would you believe it - the Israelis who live near the border are watching the bombardment from hilltops as if it were a spectator sport - or rather like watching a fireworks display (watch the BBC world news). Safe from their hillside view, many are watching the aerial bombardment - looking on as houses are destroyed, children killed, schools are mosques razed and burnt to the ground. Its a new form of spectator sport.
As for the economic woes of the world - it seems to be getting from bad to worse. I just can't bear to switch on the news nowadays - whether its CNN, BBC or Aljazeera, the news is the same. People are basically cruel to each other and I'm so glad that I'm here in Malaysia where the economy is still okay and there are no wars, no natural disasters and not much crime (when compared to other countries).

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