21 Jan 2009

A beautiful dawn

A Beautiful dawn
Breaking Dawn in Melati

Today promises to be another scorcher but the dawn was gorgeous -a tinge of pink, almost like a blush over a greyish blue sky. There was even a crescent moon still visible. Looking down from my apartment balcony I could see the long line of cars already snaking along the MR2 - people going to work, going to school, going all over the place. In a half hour's time, that highway would be jammed up - congested with people and cars. Looking at the sky I think it will be another very hot day! Here in Malaysia, if its not hot, it's raining. Not that I'm complaining - I guess some people are praying for sunshine - somewhere. But too much of a good thing may not be good too.

Yesterday I spent the day with Sarah who was back home for the winter break. We had a lovely day at Sunway Pyramid - mainly because she wanted to watch Twilight, the movie. I think the book was way better - I was quite disappointed with the Edward Cullen character. He looks good but somehow he just doesn't jell as a vampire. Too beefy by far. In my imagination vampires are good looking aand strong yes, but not beefy. The girl who acted as Bella though was good. Better than the Bella in the book anyway. I didn't like Bella's character at all in the series, and specially so in the second book , New Moon where Edward leaves her so that she could be safe. She almost killed herself with her wimpy behaviour, crying all the time and refusing to join any of her friends. She's such a woose I found her annoying and irritating most of the time.

I got two other books - one by PG Wodehouse - The Inimitable Jeeves, and another by Nora Roberts (yes definitely trash but at least something you can't put down). This one is about a satanic cult in a small town called Emmitsboro - a typical American small town. This is not one of her newer books - in fact I think its been reprinted a number of times already - but its a real thriller and I couldn't put it down until I reached the last page. I think its amazing that Nora Roberts can write so realistically about what goes on in small towns. She never disappoints.
Yesterday or actually late last night (Malaysian time) Barack Obama became the first Black president of the Un ited States. I don't envy him the responsibility. Its a thankless job and he has to do so much to put America back in number 1 spot after all the blunders that Bush has made, not just with his foreign policies but also with his domestic ones, especially the economy. But I really hope he can do something for the troubled middle east, especially Palestine and Iraq.

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