5 Jan 2009

An excess of books

Last night Repin, Shasha and I went to BookXcess, a place where we can buy new books but at a discounted rate. Its one of the better book stores here in KL. Granted there are a number, though I still think not enough for a city like KL, but most of these can't really call themselves book shops. MPH for example only cater to the masses - so most of their books are those written by popular writers who have mass appeal . If you were looking for a specific book on travel even a popular one like the Lonely Planet guides, don't try MPH. You may not find it there but you can certainly get it at Kinokuniya. Repin bought a number of books on travel and one on corporate blogging as well as book on the Haj - entitled A Season in Mecca . I found an old friend - Daphne Du Maurier - The Scapegoat. I know I had already read this book but it bears re reading. Her books are always a pleasure to read and re read - books such as Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel and Frenchman's Creek are so beautifully written that I can read them over and over without getting bored.
We've got so many books in the apartment now there's no place to keep them. THere are shelves in the bedroom, in the living room and in Shasha's room. There are books on the floor, layered on top of each other and also in every room in the Melati. Don't talk about the house in BB. That's even worse. WE've got books overflowing every where. One day I'm going to open my bookshop - the one I've been dreaming about for years. The trouble with me is I'm just too lazy. To open a bookshop I'd have to find a suitable place first - one where we have young people and near a shopping centre. There are no good bookshops in Malacca. So we should think of opening one there. Maybe... when Repin finally retires because he's the one with the business acumen. I only know how to spend money - he makes it.

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