24 Dec 2008

Tea party for my English class

Tomorrow being a holiday and most of my students saying that they may not come next week, I decided to give the tea party today after all. So after 4pm, having made my order to Halle Catering earlier, I stopped the class and told them we're having a surprise party. They seemed surprise anyway, especially when the caterer came in with the tea and cakes. But after the initial surprise they tucked in and we all had a jolly good time, with tea, doughnuts and currypuffs. Even the shy and quiet Afiq came out and helped himelf. Latimin and Azmi chatted up the ladies, cracking jokes and generally enlivened the atmosphere. Most of the women in my class are quite shy actually but opened up as time went by. This can be seen especially Zaiyah, Siti Zawiyah and Hasimah. I really enjoy teaching them - they seem quite eager to learn and to want to speak English. And I think they are improving too - if only we can continue the class.

This will be a kind of farewell for me - I may not see some of them next week for they said they are taking their annual leave.

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Cheri said...

Hi Kat,

What a devoted teacher you are to give your students a tea party.

In the many "parties" that I have provided for my students, I am left wondering if they enjoyed themselves, if they appreciated the effort; but then, I remind myself that the party was not given for the effect.