4 Dec 2008

parting with a dear old friend

The Nissan x trail - my favourite 4WD.Last week I had to finally let go of my beloved X trail. To me the X trail is not just a car - its part of the family. Especially for me - sending Sarah for tuition classes, picking Shasha up sometimes, going back to Malacca - its always been reliable and very very comfortable. But my other half prefers a new car - he doesn't like any cars older than 5 years!! I'm lucky its only cars and not wives! What if he wants to trade me in for a newer model? Hah! Our new car arrived yesterday - a Nissan Livina - nothing like the X Trail. Its a more compact MPV (or so they claim) but driving it I prefer my X Trail. I really really love it and miss it - especially that now its the rainy season in Malaysia. You can imagine driving the smaller Livina through KL's flash floods. With my X trail I can just go through the waters without any worry. Now I dread going home late in the evenings because that's when the rains come and the floods await.

Going home to Malacca with the cats is no big deal - all the cages can go in the huge boot, as evidenced in the recent Hari Raya where we took home with us all 6 cats, including Apin and Momo.

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