28 Dec 2008

Batu Berendam, Malacca

Chi Chi, posing inside a shopping bag.

Its the long weekend - Christmas plus Awal Muharram so repin and I took the golden opportunity to go back to the home of our hearts - Batu Berendam. After being away for more than a week I worry about my plants, especially the ferns which need watering at least twice a day, and of course my roses. They are all fine; however one little fern did not win the game against the dry wind and the pitiless sun. I found it scorched to death in spite of being under the cover of the verandah. Efforts to revive it are still being carried out but I find it a real struggle. The good news though is that all my koi are doing very well and the water is extremely clear, one can even see the tiny dots at the bottom of the pond. I also found not one but a whole family of moss eaters - the bottom dwelling brown coloured fish that lives on moss. NO wonder he pond looks clean! So what happened I wonder. When I thought it had disappeared and gone into the pump system, it probably had just gone there to multiply! So now I have two pairs of these sucker fish instead of a pair.

Our travelling felines are also down here with us, enjoying their freedom and galloping on the lawn, rolling in the grass or hunting in the "wilds of the garden." Here is a picture of Ginger, our orange tabby, now a full grown two year old and her friend Chi Chi, a mixed Persian and Siamese. We've dubbed these two the travelling felines because they are the two who have been going up and down between KL and Malacca. Ginger, the quieter of the two is a placid cat - she just closes her eyes once she's in the carrier and relaxes the whole way. But Chi Chi is noisier and sometimes even rolling around in her carrier, whining to be let out.

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Ridzuan Repin said...

Actually Ginger is more rabbit than cat. She has a rabbits tail, body, and cute legs. Only the head is a cats head. She even has the brain of a rabbit. All she does is hop over to her little food bowl and hop around a bit then sleep. Then golek.