29 Aug 2008


Aaah my cucu is back in KL and here I am in Melaka. If I could sprout wings I'd fly back in an instant. But patience my heart... I'll see her cheeky smiling face with its wide smile soon enough. I don't know what it is with grandparents and their cucu. Repin is like play dough in Sophie's hands. He'd let her do anything with him - even pull his hair, upset his glasses, turn his pockets inside out. My heart is so full when I see her. I can't even say she is so cute because I know Rizal and Sarah were cuter at that age. Wan was a little devil but a good looking one and Shasha, for all her lack of hair was cute too. I guess its just that here is a little piece of you - one you didnt make yourself, and one you are not responsible for so you can just love this little piece of you as much as you want and spoil them too.
I think Poh lin is a good mum - she won't spoil Sophie that's for sure. And the little one is so smart for a one year old. Here's a video that Repin took of her on her birthday last month.

As for my garden - they're all looking rather wiltd right now. My roses have caught a disease - reminds me of that Blake poem - Oh rose thou art sick....makes feel kind of sick too, seeing the blighted leaves and the pretty little buds becoming brown and falling off before thy can bloom.

On other matters - to morrow I'll be giving a talk in Seremban. It's on testing and evaluation. I know its my own field but I still get the jitters before a talk. How ever ready I am, I stll feel anxious every time. And these are not only English teachers but also other subjects. I'll do the first part on Fundamentals of Testing and then do a workshop after that. Its less taxing that was.

Haven't seen Chia for a long time too - years I think. The last time was in 2005 when I was still working I think , so this workshop will be a chance for us to catch up. I didn't realise he had transferred to Mantin - thought he was still in Ampangan.

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