13 Aug 2008

Disneyland HK

Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre, HK

Ocean Park, HK

Compared to Paris or even Tokyo, Hong Kong's Disney is nothing to shout about. Lucky for us it was bright and sunny the day we were there. Ocean Park was horribly wet and we didnt even get to ride on any of the rides. Since there was no where to sit to get aay from the rain, we went back earlier. Anyway in Disney we went on the tram ride, then to the Safari where took the boat ride. It rained havily around 2pm but there was plenty of shade. We all enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear ride so much we went twice. Wan and the girls went on Space mountain - they said it wasn't as scary as they used to think.

I was quite angry with the locals a number of times. They seem so uncivilised! Cutting queues, rushing to take things, dirtying the toilets - typical of many uneducated people anywhere, I know. It just drives me nuts when people don't line up at queues, esp. when the queus are really long asthey were here. I don't know if they are mainland Chinese or Hongkees. But I feel they need some education on civic mindedness.

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