24 Jun 2013

Hazy Malacca

Oh its that time of the year again and once more our skies are clogged up with smoke from nearby Sumatra! This time though it was really bad - schools had to close and people took to wearing surgical masks. I stopped going for my usual morning walk and the API went up to 300+ on one day. Singapore had it even worse with their index going up to 400+ and I was getting worried about my girls there. But Poh Ling said they were flying back to KL, which was good because we could see them. 

Today the skies are quite clear though weather is still fairly hazy. We went up to KL hoping that its better there but the haze seems to love us - it followed us there and KL too was covered with a thin layer of smog! Oh dear... when will all this end ?
one of the roads covered in smog

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Amin said...

Hello! It is a big problem!