3 Mar 2012

Me and exercise

Or should it be Exercise and I? Whoa... don't get me into grammar - I hate it. Anyway after weeks of skipping my morning walk, today I finally managed to get about 30 minutes walk in, and wonder of wonders my hubby came along. We decided to go to the Bukit Serindit Recreational Park for our walk. Repin had not been there since the early 2000s, maybe the last time he went there with me was in 2004!  So he had a pleasant surprise when we arrived - the trees have matured and it's quite shady now to walk along the many paths. The lake also has been beautified - a few arched bridges and pathways have been created to give a very serene look to the park. There were lots of walkers today, families, couples, singles, old and young and the very young. We went a round which is approximately one kilometer (if you take the full circle and not a short cut through the trees). Then we stopped at the lake for a closer look at the inhabitants lurking in its murky depths - sounds like one of those horror stories. But the lake does look pretty murky - its bottom is covered with seaweed (or lake weed) and there are monitor lizards in it. You can sometimes see its head jutting out like a periscope, then when it sees a human passing by, it ducks down and sinks away into the dark green waters of the lake, appearing again some distance away. I have a fear of these unknown creatures - after all they do look like a small crocodile and although they fear humans (for good reason, I think) most people are also afraid of them. However I've never heard of any of these creatures biting or chasing after a human - it's usually the other way around because some people eat them!

After just one round I could hear my dear hubby panting slightly as  we walked uphill - and told him that I too felt tired and could we go home? He agreed and we both turned back for the car park. Like most days, exercise and me are not on good terms. Don't get me wrong - I love walking but not for exercise. I don't mind walking along a beach to admire the view or walking in the shopping malls to get a load of eye candy but just to exercise? No way, Jose! I used to join an aerobics class but that too wasn't because of the exercise but to meet friends or to dance . I think you get the picture...I hate exercise, but I'd do anything to meet a friend, or dance or watch a pretty view and the best reason of all? To be a mall rat!

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naida said...

It sounds like a lovely place for a stroll. The lizards must look cute peeking out like that. I'm sure they don't bother if they are left alone...lol.
I enjoy walking, but I'd rather run and I have to be in the mood for it as well.