3 Feb 2011

New titles

Went to Kinokuniya yesterday and bought myself some new books, including one by Jessica Day George - Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. After reading Princess of Glass by the same author, I wanted to read more of her books. Last week I read Princess of the Midnight Ball which was actually a prequel to Princess of Glass. Princess of the Midnight Ball was a re-telling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. If you loved fairy tales a child you will love this one and its sequel - Princess of Glass.

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is also a re-telling. This one is a Norwegian folk tale entitled East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

The main character in this story is the youngest daughter of a poor woodcutter. He had so many daughters that by the time this youngest girl came along he had no energy to name her. The family called her Lass or Pika, which means Lass.As the girl grew up she realised that she could understand animal talk and so when one day she met a polar bear and talked to him, the bear persuaded her into going away with him.Lass followed the bear to his castle deep in the mountains and stayed with him. Her every desire was granted except one thing - she must never ask him questions about himself nor talk to anyone else about the secrets of the castle. Lass however wanted to know more. She was curious about many things - who was the bear, who was the man/ person who slept in her bed every night but disappeared every morning/ why were the servants disappearing? Lass finally realised that the bear was actually under a curse and to help him she had to brave all kinds of obstacles and go where no one dared to go.

A moving story of love and devotion, made real by the lively characters and beautiful descriptions of the northern lands.

Other books I bought yesterday:

  1. And then Comes Seduction - by Mary Balogh
  2. The Darcy Connection -by Elizabeth Aston


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Beautiful book review, Kat! You do such a great job of inviting us into the story.

Hugs, JJ

Kat said...

Thanks Nancy. You should go to Naida's blog - she does beautiful reviews.

naida said...

I like the cover of Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. It does sound good and the setting sounds interesting.