10 Feb 2011

My cats (without Chichi)


Mulan is six months now. Soon I'll have to take her to be spayed, a job I don't really look forward to . She has started bugging Ginger too - chasing Ginger around the room. Poor Ginger has been told by the doctor to lose weight. She  weighed about 5.95kg  yesterday when we took her to the clinic. The naughty girl refused to take her antibiotics so we had to take her back to the clinic. Dr Sam said she's a bit overweight so we have to make sure she exercises more!

 Ginger in her favourite sleeping position

 Mulan however has not gained any weight since I took her from Min my sister. She's a fussy eater and doesn't really like to eat the dried cat food, preferring the canned variety. I wonder what to give her instead, since the vet says its not really nutritious enough.

 This is Karupin, one of the Persian monsters. He's quite old, or at least older than the others. His favourite activity is sleeping and being combed by anybody.

Karupin or Apin as we call him is 10 years old and the last of my sister Lela's persians. Lela used to have half a dozen of them at one time!


This is Momo, the twin monster. Like Apin, his favourite activity is sleeping and maybe eating.I can never get a picture of Momo because he is either under the sofa or under the bed, his two favourite sleeping places. He has two baskets, - sometimes he goes there when you try to comb him because he hates being combed! Once I had to resort to cutting his furballs and left him patchy for a while.Another things he hates is visiting the pet groomer and once they even had to give him an anaesthetic just to groom him! After that I stopped taking him to the groomer - I'd rather do the grooming myself, even if the results are not that fetching.

This one is Blackie, who is actually more grey than black, giving a pose. Wan my son says she's more monkey than cat!

And this is Mulan, sleeping blissfully


Amin said...

Wonderful blog!
Thank You very much for Your visit!

Gattina said...

What a cute cat family ! I don't think that 6 kgs is to fat for a cat. That's the same Arthur weights and he doesn't look fat !
Good luck with the spaying, my girls had to go through that too. With Rosie they used a new method she just had a little hole in her belly and not one stitch ! I think they do it by lazer.

Kat said...

Hi Amin,thank you. Hello Gattina - wish they are more advanced here and use the tiny hole surgery. I think they still cut the cats open.

The Chair Speaks said...

Our human loves to hug big, fat cats.
That's a nice shot of mischevious Blackie. Certainly do agree she's like a monkey here. :)
And Mulan sleeps like a baby.

Amin said...

Beautiful photos!

naida said...

oh my gosh, they are too cute! They look very spoiled :)