26 Feb 2010

just thinking aloud

Today I discovered a number of things - first of all there are blogs about simple living. I really like that and I found one called Down-to-earth by a lady called Rhonda from Australia. I love her blog and she gave a tutorial on how to make soap and also how to make bread from scratch. I know - many of you out there probably can already bake like a dream  but I've tried so many times and my bread has ended up flat or hard. This time I am going to try again following Rhonda's recipe. It doesn't seem hard. Her soap making tutorial is also great. I love women like her - they seem so capable and clever. I wish I can do things like that but I guess some people are meant to do certain things and others other things, if you know what I mean. My mum used to be like her - she was so capable. She cooked and sewed and baked cookies for sale and even took in some simple catering for parties. I can cook but only for my own family and I guess that's good enough!

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