19 Feb 2010

global warming?

I'm not sure whether its global warming or just another heat wave, but it's been really hot these past few weeks. My mother in law says that its always hot this time of year, especially near Chinese New Year but its been weeks now. Yesterday we had some heavy rain but it lasted only about half an hour and all it did was to make the weather more humid.

And in the northern hemisphere the snow storms are really bad - Even Spain and Portugal which seldom see snow during winter has been getting really heavy snow falls, and in Rome last week traffic was halted because of an unusually heavy snow storm, which residents said they hadn't had for decades. I saw Al Gore's film last year about global warming - An Inconvenient Truth  and agree that everyone, including us uminportant citizens - should do sometghing about it. Its a scary thing, just thinking about it. I know that many of us prefer to hide our heads under the sand and pretend that the problem doesn't exist but I believe that global warming is here with us, not just something scary far away in the horizon  or something in the distant future that we don't have to think about. Just think about all those hurricanes and typhoons that have been causing terrible disasters - in the USA, in Bangladesh, in the Philippines and many other places too.

This is only February. I remember last year it rained during this time and even though Malaysia has always been hot, the temperatures were always fairly stable and around 30 degrees. Today the temperature is about 36 degrees, very hot in fact for February. I wonder about my poor fish back home in Melaka - the water in the pond usually lose to evaporation by at least six inches a week. If I don't go home, the water level will be drastically reduced. Here in KL the water level in the reservoirs too are going down. Soon we'll hear announcements about saving water.

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