24 Nov 2009

What I'm reading now

I'm reading the second book by Tahir Shah - In Arabian Nights. The first book -The Caliph's House was about Tahir Shah buying a house in Morocco, renovating it and his problems with the contractors and repairing the house. In this book he tells us about his search for Morocco's stories and the real Moroccan. A very interesting and sometimes humorous look at life in Morocco and its tales and beliefs.
Recently also I bought a number of books from Kinokuniya and BookXcess. Some I've finished reading, some I'm still going through and some I'm keeping for next time. These are:
  • Amanda Quick - Second Sight ( read - not too interesting)

  • Georgette Heyer - Cotillion ( always a good book- I am a fan of Heyer anyway!)

  • JD Robb - Strangers in Death ( I've now read 3 books under the JD Robb title and I find them too similar! Only the places, names are changed. All deal with murder and treated almost the same)

  • JD Robb - Naked in Death

  • Maryjanice Davidson - Undead and Unemployed (Kind of interesting - chick lit)

  • Marina Lewywcka - A sort history of Tractors in Ukrainian (borrowed)

I've finished Undead and Unemployed about a young woman who died but became a vampire and is busy looking for a job even though she already has a job as queen of the vampires!


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What great book choices!

Hugs, JJ

Kat said...

Thanks JJ!