18 Nov 2009

OUM convocation

Its that time of year again and the graduation ceremonies are on. This time around there are more than 7000 students graduating and the convocation ceremony will take  a number of days. The first day we had Tun Jeanne Abdullah in her capacity as Chancellor. The ceremony as usual was grand, with all its pomp and glory. Maybe our convocation ceremonies are quite over the top, but I think students love it that way. judging by the attendance and the parents and families that come to watch their children/ spouses graduate. And after all it is a once in a life time event, unless you happen to take a post degree. As a wife of one of the university's top brass, I had to be there each and every day. It can be a bit of a chore, but with Puan seri there  at least we get to talk. On the first day we had Puan Rohani as well as Wan and Norizan, Dr Mansor's wife but they all disappeared in the afternoon session giving all kinds of excuses. So Puan Seri and I were left on our own.
Anyway time flew because we were busy dissecting everybody and had a grand time of it too. Well, it wasn't all criticism anyway - there were plenty of praises too. I loved the flower arrangement and the decor for the stage - all done by our own interior designer Prof Dr Shaari. That man is a real genius with flowers - and every year he will prepare extravagant bouquets for the occasion. He does OUM proud. And he is so dedicated and committed he will drive all the way to the Cameron's just to get the flowers that he wanted fresh from the nursery. I heard that he stayed up until nearly 4 am to complete the stage decorations!

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