3 Aug 2009

Nexus Karambunai

Most of the ponds are filled with all kinds of fish!
The intrepid photographer!
A view from the verandah of our room

Today is our third day in Nexus. This place is really beautiful. Yesterday we spent the whole morning on the beach and Sophie got sooo brown! She tans easily my baby. Above is the view from my mother in law's room - there's a pond which is connected by a shallow stream to another pond just in front of my room. There are lots of fish - looks like sepat and catfish. It is peaceful here - we sit on the verandah and enjoy a quiet afternoon. Since its too hot to go to the beach we just relax, read and look at the beach from our rooms instead.

In the evening Repin and I took mum for a stroll in the sprawling grounds. She had to be pushed in the wheel chair but at least she could see the golf course and look at the flowers and numerous fish ponds along the way.

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