1 Aug 2009

Karambunai Holiday

View from our room

Part of the long stretch of fantastically soft white sandy beach.

Too many things have been happening lately. Well for one thing its Sara's third week home and we're now in Nexus Karambunai, holidaying. Nexus is really gorgeous - the hotel is quite secluded (there are pros and cons to this) and has a beautiful 6 km beach! White and fine sand, clean (most important) lots of green and a really fantastic landscape. Lots of small lakes and ponds connect the various wings. Our rooms face the ocean and we can sit on our small verandah every evening and admire the sunset. The whole family is here - complete with my grand daughter, Sophia and my mum in law.
Nexus is actually a great resort but too far away from Kota Kinabalu. Although they have bus shuttles daily to and fro, the time between each shuttle is not very convenient. The first one out is at 9am and they fetch visitors back only at 3pm. THose who go at 3pm can only return at 9pm in the evening. So when Repin and I went out (to get food supplies to supplement the hotel's meals we had to get back in a taxi which cost us RM70!
Food is catered more for the European and American taste - for us who have been used to hot, spicy food, everything tastes bland. And the price is a shock to the purse strings. However I guess we should have expected that. After all it is far from town (about 30km only) and most of the people who come here are foreigners - mainly Japanese, Europeans, Bruneians and Singaporeans. I think we could be the only Malaysian family staying here. It could also be because of the price - a bit too steep for most Malaysians. Imagine a plate of nasi lemak ( which costs about RM4 in KL costs RM32 here.) You can guess the rest.

But I can't deny that the resort itself is beyond beautiful. Situated between the South China Sea and some mountain ranges, it also boasts a beautiful 18 hole golf course. This place is also a paradise for bird watchers for even to my untutored eye I could see a number of eye catching birds. I specially love the well-landscaped grounds - lots of water around - riverlets and streams, ponds and small fresh water pools linked together by wooden Japanese bridges. LOts of greenery too so the whole place looks like a beautiful garden.

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