14 Feb 2009


I've already finished reading Alexander McCall Smith's books - well at least 2 of them. They're great - simply written but with a sly humour underlying the story, not unlike PG Wodehouse. His character - Precious Ramotswe is a smart and sassy lady - practical, down to earth and full of traditional wisdoms. I really love this book! And the writer also gives you an insight into Botswana village life.
However I didn't really enjoy the shopaholic book. Can't stand the character - Becky who is disorganized and simply irritating. I like my characters sassy, but practical and intelligent. Becky is impractical and if not stupid at least shallow and spineless. Left the book for Shasha. I think I'll continue with my re reading of Anna Karenina today. I also think its time I caught up with my other books.

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