5 Nov 2008

US elections

Barrack Obama - the first black president.

Yeah! Obama won... he won ..he won... he won! Its the most exciting US elections I've watched. I wanted him to win and I'm so glad he did. Mc Cain was gracious in his loss and gave a lovely speech. Now Barrack Obama and the rest of the democrats have a lot to do to gain back the trust and the belief of the the rest of the world that Bush lost.What does Obama's win mean for the rest of the world? To me its a confirmation of the democracy that America has always touted. But I also think this win has given millions of under-priviledged peoples and minorities all over the world a hope, a light for the future. Here's to hoping he will keep his promises, that he will bring about a change for America and that he will re start the peace process in the Middle-east.

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