7 Nov 2008

Meeting old friends

Time can't separate, us nor distance. We have been apart for more than two years but when finally my two close friends and I met for a belated celebration of our respective birthdays, time and distance had no meaning. Being the only one not working, I undertook to drive the distance to their workplace so that we could have lunch together. First there was a general exchange of gifts and loud expressions of oohs and aahs... I love this and ooh this is lovely. In fact so interested were we in our gifts that we ignored the waitress who was waiting for us to order our meal. PC gave me a really glamorous looking "diamond" bracelet. It was so beautiful I immediately fell in love with it. G bought me an Estee Lauder make up set. I gave them earrings and necklace sets from Tiffany which PC immediately put on. It matched nicely with her rather chic dress. I thought they both looked gorgeous. G looks so much better now, compared to two years ago. I think she's more healthy now and PC of course is always well dressed.
Friends, especially girlfriends are very important. Everyone should have a friend, or more. Someone you can talk to, tell your problems to, share a story with, a joke or two with. I know that my life when I was in the Exam Syndicate would have been a living hell if not for my close friends such as Mon, Hanin,Tim and Baiti. They made things more bearable and now when I think of my experience there, I remember only the good times - of laughing so much until my stomache hurt, of going shopping at the Mall, lunch at the Bangsar, going for pre-tests to all the rural places and getting lost in the jungle ( Felda Sg Paloh) and arriving in Raub!!

Friends are life's best kept secrets - they help you, they give you a lift when you need it and they scold you and advise you when you need it too! PC and Gurnam helped me a lot, especially when I was doing Statistics during our M. Ed years. I know that without their help and their push I would never have finished my thesis!! So here's a toast to all friends - may we all keep them and may we have friends always.

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