19 Jan 2008


Today all the kids except Sarah are with us in Malacca, which is something that does not happen often enough. I wish they are all here - especially Sarah. Mother made ketupat and I made rendang ayam so we had that for lunch today. Wan came last night - an hour after we arrived. Rizal came this afternoon, with Pohling and Sophia. They're going to a wedding tonight and taking Sophie with them. I wish they wouldn't but Rizal wants to show her off to his friends I suppose. I'm not really in favour 0f taking babies out at night- it makes them tired and after that they will have a tantrum or a crying jag. Anyway its their baby. Let them learn.
Sophia is already six months old and can already crawl. She can also sit by herself and although cries if she's tired or frustrated about something, is generally a happy child. I hope she stays that way.
My quran reading is improving - I can recognise most words now and can more or less read on my own. I only have problems with the kaf and pha as well as nun and ba, both of which look alike except that one has a mark either at the top or the bottom. If I can finish reading Al Baqarah by the end of this month I'll be very happy. Must finish the whole quran this year!!

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