22 Jan 2008


Sarah is in Paris now and seem to be having a great time. Just hope she takes care. Looked at her blog just now and she seems to have gone to all the places of interest there. Tomorrow she'll be in UK and from there to Berlin. My girl really knows how to move around.
7 February
Sara has returned to Nizny, thank God. I always worry about her when she travels - I know that she is a savvy traveller, street smart and all that but I guess as a mum I'll always worry about her. Not that Nizny is any safer - but at least she's in a familiar place. Imagine she was in Paris, then Edinburgh, London and finally Berlin. My girl really knows how to make use of her student days.
Thinking of my girl brings to mind another little girl - Sharlinie - who still hasn't been found. I just hope she'll be found soon - and alive. What kind of monster can keep a little child from her parents and worse still kill them I don't know. When will all this end? So far three children have been kidnapped, two have died and in the past three years so many children have been raped and murdered. What kind of world are we bringing our children into? Malaysia is no longer the safe place we thought it was. I think places like London and even New York seem safer. I was in New York a long time ago and I remember once travelling in a taxi to a restaurant that I did not even know. The taxi driver, a young Jew from Israel, was also new to New York and after driving to the wrong part of town managed finally to take me to the restaurant. He refused to accept the full amount for the cab and said it was as much his fault as mine for being ' lost'. I thought it was really kind of him. At first I was scared though, thinking he must be taking me for a ride!! Can such a thing occur nowadays, I wonder. People are generally less trustworthy, more cruel today than twenty years ago.

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