21 Dec 2007

Idil Adha

Yesterday was Idil Adha.
Idil Adha is no longer as fun as it was years ago when both my parents were around. Anyway was just thinking how fast the year went by - last year around this time we were at Mina, preparing to go to the Jamratul to throw the stones at the devil. And now its already a year. Last year we didnt even realise it was Aidil Adha - we were so busy carrying out the different rituals connected to Haj.
Hari raya Haji is no longer "fun" as before. Even a few years ago everyone would come home for the raya - but this year none of my children came home - Wan was too depressed and Shasha had to work, Rizal is in Singapore and Sara of course is in Russia. They say once your children are grown up its easier - I think there are still problems, they're just different ones.
Anyway Saz came down to Malacca so at least I had company. Of course Repin was home too - we all went to Semabok as usual. Adi and his family were there and later Ipah and her family came too. Earlier I was in Banda Kaba - they were all excitedly planning for the family day. Everyone was talking at the top of their voices so I don't really know who is listening. I really wish I could go too - but without my own children what's the use? Wan is still feeling shitty about Elle's refusal to see him. Part of me feel it serves him right for dumping her without any real reason.I think that horrid Chinese girl had a lot to do with this. And I just hope he doesn't go back to her now that Elle doesn't want to see him anymore. Of course my heart aches for him but he should have listened to me.But I guess sometimes behind every thing there is a silver lining - he just can't see it right now. I'll pray that he finds a new girl - a good Muslim.

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