28 Dec 2007


So it's happened finally. Benazir has been assassinated by a person or persons unknown. She was in Rawalpindi campaigning for the upcoming elections when a suicide bomber exploded infront of her. But eyewitnesses also said that they heard two shots at the same time and she was probably dead before the bomb went off. It's really sad and shockingly violent - I wouldn't want my worst enemy to die like that, let alone someone I've admired for some time. But howver shocking it is, I think its hardly surprising. After the last attempt, they all should have been more aware.
I admire her for her beauty, her elegance and style, her arrogance, her quick wit and her courage. It is her courage and fierce loyalty that brought her back to Pakistan even though she knew it may prove fatal.
People have died for her, thousands mourned her death and because of its untimely happening, crowds are going berserk everywhere in Pakistan. Mobs are destroying everything in sight - banks, cars even trains have been burned. The sad thing is that even a mosque was not spared...If Pakistan was on the brink of catastrophe, it has gone over the edge now and I wonder what will happen. Many have pointed fingers at Al Qaida, others at other Muslim extremists. But I think the silent majority are wondering and whispering... is it a conspiracy?

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