18 Oct 2007

My fish pond

Yesterday I was told by my neighbour that all my fish had died. It was because my nephew had forgotten to turn off the tap and too much chlorine had gotten into the pond. At first I felt angry... this was the second time my fish had died and these were growing to be quite tame. Even though I didn't want to get attached to them I had become attached. They would come to me whenever I feed them early in the morning... gobbling up the food greedily. Now I feel frustrated and vow not to get attached to anything anymore. I loved Moshu my cat like a child, she would sleep with me every night... and when I brought her home with me to Melaka - the very same nephew chased her out into the road and she was hit by a car. I think I wailed out so loud it panicked Repin. It was as if my heart had broken. Even months after that I could not talk about her without tearing up.
Well... so all my fish had died. There were nearly 2o of them - I loved the golden yellow ones best. And even the Jelawat - they're also dead. I just can't believe it. Maybe I shouldn't rear fish anymore. Just let toads breed in the pond.

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Downsizer said...

I just now killed my fish by adding water and forgetting to turn off the tap. I have done this at least twice before over the last 27 years (the first time was 27 years ago - my first pond). I am frustrated and unhappy. One of the koi had gotten quite big over the last few years. I have decided I should just have plants and let nature's nomads enjoy the pond. I googled about this for company in my misery and found your lovely entry about your fish. I hope you have either learned to not get attached or have found new pets. I think both ways are fine, but I do think we learn to get a little less attached as we age and experience.