19 Oct 2007


The daughter of the East is back in her country. Yesterday CNN showed her comeback in glory amid cheers from her supporters and today 130 of those supporters have died. A suicide bomb. Sometimes I wonder when the carnage will end. Will it ever? And why only in Muslim countries do we find all these turmoil? Some say that her return was engineered by the Americans - so that she can deflect the extremists. I think her return will encourage more suicide bombs, and more extremists. As it is the Taleban already hate her. Even her own people hate her. She has had her chance to make something of Pakistan, not once but twice. But she wasted it and left her country in 1999 amid rumours of corruption. Can she ever right the many wrongs she left behind? I doubt it.

There was a time when I really admired her. I thought she had it all - looks, charm, power and ability. I even dedicated a poem to her. But time has proven me wrong or maybe she still needed time to prove herself. Someone said that she was the mediocre daughter of a great leader. Well, in this decade, the mediocre rules. Look at the US.

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