27 Apr 2014

At our orchard

Durian fruits

Last June Repin and I bought a piece of land at Telok Gong. Telok in Malay means a bay and this piece of land is very close to the sea. Its not by the sea but we can see the sea from the house there. The house is actually rather old and in need of repair and enhancement but it's quite solid, with 3 bedrooms, although they are rather small  bedrooms.

Anyway the land is fairly large - an acre and a bit more with fruit trees already planted. The owner wanted to move away and wanted a ready buyer and we were quite thrilled to get it. There are at least 5 rambutan trees and a few durian trees. Yesterday we went over to clear the leaves under the trees and also from the house. The owners had left quite a lot of their household rubbish and it took Yatie and me 5 hours to clear it all, with Wan's help. But it was worth it. Just looking at the young rambutans hanging on the trees is enough. They should be ripe in June, insyaallah. We want to renovate the hour and make kit nicer, repaint it and add a few more bathrooms so that by the end of this year we can stay there or make it into a home stay to add to our income later on, insyaallah, or God willing.


Gattina said...

Would love to see the house too ! I have never seen these fruits !

Naida said...

A house near the sea sounds wonderful! Congratulations and best wishes!

Kat said...

The house is not in a nice shape right now- we are renovating, repainting and adding new tiles for the floras well as some more bathrooms. The top fruit is called durian, which is very thorny outside but sweet and creamy inside. The bottom fruit is called rambutans - hairy outside and sweet inside! They are red when ripe.