5 Sep 2013


Oh How I wish I can go out!
It's been nearly a week here in KL and I miss my cats . This is my little rascal Tommy who can never stay still. He's about 9 months old now and is as hyper as a monkey. The first week he joined the household he broke my favorite blue vase ! Now I have learned to keep all breakable items in storage.
Tommy, peeping through the stairs
This is Bear bear , who is actually Sarah's cat and imported from Russia. He's acclimatized to the heat now but still prefers an air conditioned room. 
 Mulan playing hide and seek
Bear Bear

Mulan is my personal favorite. She's the queen of them all and haughty with it. She allows only me to cuddle her and refuses anybody else, even Repin. 
Mulan, the warrior princess
Yukie and Tommy

And these are the brother and sister pair - Yukie and Tommy. Here they are actually grooming each other though it does look like Yukie is bullying Tommy. 


Gattina said...

How cute they are ! Actually I do nothing with my white Arthur, he keeps himself white, lol !

Zee Zoo said...

OMG!!! How many cats do you own?? God, they are sooooooooooooo cute :D I wish my parents would let me keep more than one :D

Zee Zoo from Memoirs of an Amnemonic Mind

Naida said...

They are just too cute Kat!