9 Oct 2012

Georgette Heyer's The Foundling

Georgette Heyer is always one of my favourite writers - I enjoy her characters and her stories and this one The Foundling is another of her well written books.
Gilly is a Duke, no less and a very rich one too but he is also shy and slightly lacking in confidence. He is sheltered by everyone around him - his kind though strict uncle, his valet and his personal footman and even his older cousin. One day though he feels enough is enough and he escapes gleefully into the unknown as Mr Dash, from nowhere. He wants to try and see the world on his own without being kept under wraps by his minders. He finds out that one of his cousins is being blackmailed by a beautiful foundling's so called "uncle" and promises to help his young cousin out of the problem. However it is no simple matter - the young Duke has plunged into a different world - one of intrigue and even murderers. He manages to escape using his own sense of self worth, helps a young boy out of a scrape and even outwits his kidnappers.

Gilly discovers that he is capable and strong enough to outwit robbers and murderers and that he is indeed "a man, not just a Duke" and as readers we spend a delightful day following him on his adventures and win his bride.


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I would love to read it.

naida said...

I adore Georgette Heyers books. This one sounds good!

menopausal mama said...

Hi Hon! Just nominated you for the Sunshine award! Please visit my site to grab your award badge and leave a comment there to let me know you got it! Congrats!

Seattle Vacation Rentals said...

Anyone who appreciates romance and mystery will enjoy The Foundling.