26 Sep 2012

Rainy day blues

The weather is really dismal today and I feel quite wretched in fact. There was a thunder storm last night and the lights went out at about 2 am. I think the pond filter must have tripped again. I woke up all sweaty to realise that the fan and the air con had stopped and it was pitch dark outside. Groping for the torch light I keep on my bedside table I went out to check the switches. Yatie was outside my room with a candle - she had apparently woken up with the same idea. When I opened the upstairs switch box, all the switches were in place so I looked downstairs. Sure enough there was a trip so I corrected that and told Yatie to go back to bed.

But I was already wide awake and could not sleep so took out my iphone to check the time. There was a beep the moment I took it and saw that my opponent for the word game I'm playing has answered and now it's my turn. Not easy to form a good word when you don't have any vowels to form words with but I managed to send one - only 8 points and he or she is already winning. Oh well, can't be helped. I love this word game - just like scrabble but you can play online with opponents that you don't know. It's called Words with Friends and I'm quite addicted to it I think. I play the game all the time, with sometimes 4 or 5 people from all over the world. Sometimes we chat and through the chat we get to know each other. It can be fun and challenging too.

But by 3 am I feel sleepy and must have dozed off. The next thing I know it's morning and the sound of the Azan can be heard, calling  the faithful to prayer.  My daughter will be working the morning shift so I get out of bed and pray before going down for breakfast. 

It's a morning like most of my mornings are - there are books to be read on my bedside table but I had just finished reading The Foundling by Georgette Heyer,  so I thought I might as well go downstairs and read the papers instead!


izdi her said...

Have good time.

naida said...

Hi Kat. Hope your spirits are lifted. I play Words With Friends as well, it's fun and addictive too. Happy reading :)