21 Jan 2012

Our cats come to Malacca

Actually I haven't written for so long my brain must have stagnated. And I blame the Ipad for this! Too many games, apps that are so interesting and lots of magazines online. So I promised myself I will start writing again - even if its only one paragraph each day. So thinking about it I grapple around for ideas. Hmmm... what shall I write about ? Shall I write about my cats? Now that we are staying in Malacca we've brought back all of them - yes, even Apin and Momo the two black monsters.

Momo has control of the staircase

They came about two weeks ago - the two of them amidst a heavy January drizzle. Repin grumbled that they meowed the whole way - two hours on the road, each creating his own cacophony of meows.The moment they were let out of their travel cage they bounded out and started roaming this much bigger area (well bigger compared to the apartment where they lived mainly in the balcony and living room). Momo quickly appropriated the stairs, much to Mulan and Ginger's disgust. In fact Mulan was so unhappy, every time she passed Momo on the staircase, she took a swipe at  Momo for good measure. The poor thing got the fright of his life - who is this little upstart who dares swipe his monsterness?

Apin meanwhile quickly adjusted to the new house, first going to the kitchen where he sensed some food lay in wait. Ginger and Bear Bear both remained upstairs, uncertain about these two new creatures.The first two nights both Momo and Apin made a lot of noise - especially Momo who showed his uncertainty about the new environment by prowling around the house and meowing his discontent.

Bear Bear hiding in the closet

Bear took to the wardrobe during the day to hide from the new 'people' and Ginger took to the window sill, to get away. As for Mulan - she's still the princess, terrorising everyone who happens  her way.


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

You have lovely cat.

Follow each other.

Gattina said...

It's not easy to get newcomers used to the houseowners, lol ! But they will find a way to get along.
When I have to take my cats to the vet, I leave them in the carrier and listen to their operas, but on the way back home I let them sit as they want in the car, and then I don't hear a single noise, they look out of the window.

Lea's Menagerie said...

Isn't it wonderful how each cat has his or her own distinct personality! In fact, it seems to me many cats have stronger personalities than some people!
Have a great day!
Mississippi, USA

The Chair Speaks said...

It's nice to have all at home. They'll all become friends pretty soon.

naida said...

They are just too cute!! They do sound like they each have different personalities.

It's nice to see you blogging again. I know what you mean, other things grab my attention too..lol...angry birds and crochet :P

Amin said...

Hello! I am very glad!Good lucks!
Wonderful cats!

Kat said...

Yes , Gattina and EJ they are slowly getting used to each other and the other cats too feel a bit intimidated so they are better behaved.Hi Naida, yes I'm back and I'm glad to be back. Have missed reading your book reviews too much. Thanks Amin, Lea and Izdiher!