3 Oct 2011

Madrid, Spain

The Spanish trip had actually been planned since a year ago and included Morocco. We planned to go in April initially, mainly because it would be nice to travel in the Spring when the weather wouldn't be too hot. However circumstances such as Wan's wedding, overtook us and the trip had to be postponed.We finally made the trip and flew via Emirates on the 29 September. After a really long journey ( 13 hours in all) we arrived in Madrid on a warm September afternoon. The plane trip was smooth and unexciting - we had left KL in the early hours of the morning and thus I fell asleep as soon as the plane took off.
A Cosmos representative was waiting to take us to the Hotel Praga, a smalll hotel somewhat far from the city. After checking in we decided to go around The Plaza Major, right in the center of town. A bus goes there daily and it was convenient for us as it stops right in front of the hotel.
The Plaza Mayor is actually more like a square- with buildings surrounding it. It is one of the oldest plaza in the country and one can see so many old buildings, some going back hundreds of years old. Today there are many restaurants at the plaza, offering mostly international cuisine.

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