4 Apr 2011

Busy days

So many things pass through my mind these days. At night I lie awake, thinking of the numerous other things done or not done. First there's work - my classes have not ended. I still have a week of classes to go through and next week is the wedding already! When I think of it I get cold feet and start to wonder about all the things that can go wrong. There's our unpredictable weather for one thing - hope it stays fine on that day. Then I worry about the food - this is a new caterer so we're not sure. Of course we have gone for a food tasting and I've seen first hand his other functions - they seem well organised. So I guess I shouldn't worry? Then my class - I've got to finish all my marks by this Wednesday and send them to the department and fill in the required forms. Thinking of that my students all want to come down to Malacca for the wedding. Where can I put them up or should I let them worry about that themselves?

I've not yet met the kompang boys so haven't told them the schedule for the bersanding ceremony. Prior to the wedding we are also having a small gathering for my brothers and sisters and other close relatives - a kind of special prayer gathering. Last weekend we hung up the new curtains and I realised I didn't like the colour - they were too purple! OMG did I choose the wrong colour? The ones in the bedroom were okay because we had a lot of white but in the living room they looked a bit too much. Sigh...  Maybe I should have stuck to neutral colours. I just hope that once we have set up the pelamin everything will turn out okay.

Then there's my kitten, Mulan. Right now she's already on heat (is that correct?). Busy with the wedding I forgot to take her to the vet last week for her spaying operation. Just made the appointment today - I'll have to take her on Thursday. She's quite aggressively passionate about wanting to mate - she was howling away the whole weekend! Poor thing ! She only stopped howling yesterday but I think the loud miawing has tired her out and now she only wants to sleep. Today she didn't even take her food - just a few licks of the wet food. Every time I pick her up to cuddle her she stiffens up and refuses to cuddle. Just hope she'll be okay by next week.


Amin said...

Have a good preparations!
(I do not know the English very well.If I do the mistake please inform me!)
Beautiful cat!

naida said...

Wow Kat, best of luck! I'm sure everything will turn out lovely.

Kat said...

Thanks Naida and Amin. JUst finished one wedding ceremony yesterday. One more to go.