12 Mar 2011

What did you do this weekend?

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Last weekend I visited my son and daughter in law in Singapore! We do this every month - if they didn't come to KL, then we'd go down to Singapore just to see our little grand daughter Sophia!  Today I played  at tea time with her two favourite toys - Mew Mew and Blue! 

Trying to get Blue to sit properly.
"Here you are Blue - one sugar for your tea!"
Sophia is now nearly 4 - she'll be four this July - and is a real chatterbox! She talked non-stop on the way to Jurong to visit my younger sister and again on the way back, both ways which took 2 hours! Not just non-stop, but in her inimical loud and piercing voice, telling all and sundry what she thought of the train, her two friends (Mew Mew and Blue who followed us) and whatever else caught her fancy.

While there we saw the network coverage of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami which devastated the town of Sendai , about 250km north of Tokyo. It was a heartbreaking and pitiful sight - huge buildings, cars, even trains swept away like matchbox toys in the huge waves. I pray for the lives of those people and hope whatever happens they remain strong and resilient.


naida said...

Sophia is adorable! I'm sure she loves to chat.
Blue is crocheted right?

how sad and unbelieveable about Japan.

Kat said...

Yes, my daughter in law made that. The original was red but it got lost in a cab so they had to make another one to replace it.