26 Jan 2011

Mulan goes fishing

Mulan our grey kitten never seems to tire of looking at the fish in my aquarium. Not a day passes by when she sits on the aquarium cover to watch the little fish swim, sometimes pawing the glass to try and catch the fish. I sometimes wonder what she is thinking when she tries to catch the fish!

One day I accidentally left the flip cover of the aquarium open. You can guess what she did when she saw that here's a chance for her. She decided to go fishing!


Gattina said...

I couldn't see the video until the end, it suddenly stopped. Did she get a fish ?
I had the two goldfishes of my son here, put it very high on he cupboard, I will never know how my cat got up there and got the two. I only saw the empty bowl next morning !

naida said...

Mulan is too cute!!! He wants those fishies badly lol

Kat said...

No Gattina - seems she's a louzy fisherman! Lucky fishes.