25 Jun 2010

Odds and ends

I haven't been home in Melaka for some time and I do miss being home - just lying down in bed or sitting in the little swing outside on the verandah and just look at my plants. I love getting my hands all dirty and earthy, doing the gardening, pruning trees, my few roses and my numerous green plants. We drove down today - Yatie and I, just for a night. I spent the afternoon adding fertiliser to my pot plants, repotting some of the greenies and all in all cleaning up the little bit of wilderness I call home. The tilapiah in the pond is bigger - soon some lucky neighbours will be getting fish for steaming or frying. I myself just cannot bear to cut them up but since they are getting too big for the pond we have to give them up. After this I think I will only rear the koi and the two kaloi. The Kaloi are actually very big now but I will never give them away - they are simply too beautiful to be eaten!

We are here for such a short time - tomorrow I'm driving back to Kuala Lumpur as we have three weddings to attend. LIfe is no longer simple these days - I thought after retirement I'd have the time to stay home here and relax but it looks like the opposite. No time to relax even! But I guess I'm used to being busy - even Repin. When he comes down here in Malacca he'll sleep the time away. Once he retires I wonder what he'll do. Somehow I can't see him retiring, though he may complain about having too much work, he still loves working.

The three felines that live outside our garden came by today - univited or not I still feed them. Actually I'd love to adopt them, which in a way we are since we feed them while we are here. I guess somebody feeds them when we are not around. There's one particular six month old which I like - a ginger male. He's cute and friendly unlike his sister the black one, which is very whiny. I don't particularly like the mum which doesn't really know how to look after her babies. Now she has another litter - 3 originally, but one died I think while we were away. They are cute but a bit wild I think since they've been out of touch of humans. The moment they see me they run and hide under one of the bushes or go next door to the neighbour's garden. I wish we can adopt them but there's no place in the apartment in KL, what with 5 cats already there! And also Karupin and Momo out two male Persians wouldn't like them I think. Once Karupin almost mauled Ginger, the one I adopted in Desa View. She was so tiny then, and so skinny and dirty. To look at her now you wouldn't believe she was that scrawny kitten we took in.  And she is also just as possessive with her territory - even Black cannot enter our room! She 's our room cat - as she stays inside at all times since her fight with Karupin. We dare not let her out unless Karupin is locked inside one of the rooms. But of all of them she is my favourite - she actually has a great personality and she talks back to you if you ask her a question! Believe it or not.


The Chair Speaks said...

Do agree that living in the 'kampong' is way much nicer than the concrete jungle.
Cats are like little children who have to be constantly talked to and loved in order to understand acceptance as well as sharing.

Kat said...

I agree with you - and my cat Ginger sometimes talk back! In fact at times its as if we are having a conversation - when she "talks" her whole face moves - even her whiskers!

naida said...

The fish must be beautiful!

Have fun at the weddings. I know what you mean, sometimes lifes can get so busy, its nice to just sit back and relax.

your cats must be so cute :)