24 Jul 2009

Harry Potter and other things

Shasha got us tickets to watch the latest Harry Potter movie on Wednesday. It wasnt too bad - I'm not sure but I feel that it wasn't as good as the earlier ones. Harry is so much older and so are the other actors - Ron and Hermione. I read the Half blood Prince such a long time ago that I had almost forgotten the story. Maybe I should go back and re read the book. I think they added a few scenes that weren't in the book. What I hated was that they killed Dumbledore. Now that we have read all the books we realise that Snape wasn't really evil but was just playing double agent but at that time (when I first read the book) I hated him. Anyway the film was as good as the book - maybe I can give it a 7 out of 10! So far none of the fantasies beat Lord of the Rings trilogy.
I've also be rereading some of Shasha's fantasy books - The Thief of Atolia, Queen of Atolia and The King of Atolia (a trilogy). I really enjoyed these and can recommend anyone to read all three. The characters are well drawn and the story line has so many sub plots and twists and turns you are really surprised at the end. It's about Eugenides, a young "thief" of royal blood - related to the Queen of Edith. I'm not going to tell the story but all three books are really great reads - books that you cant put down. I finished the last book at almost 3 am in the morning!

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