2 Mar 2009

Visiting Singapore

I've always admired Singapore's ability to retain its old buildings and use it to attract tourists. I was there again recently - visiting Sophia my grand daughter. Walking along Bugis Street I realise that most of the shops are actually really old - some pre colonial even. WE have them in Malacca but while the pre colonial buildings in Malacca are poorly maintained and look quite ramshackle, the ones here are polished and bright - looking as new as when they were first built I bet. Huge trees line the street giving shade and a coolness from the bright sun. Here and there we can still see some new buildings but these blend so well with the old, they didn't look awkward. WE walked along the street, passed the old Raffles Hotel and I just love the old hotel. In fact we can't even say its old - it looked so classic with its Victorian columns, wooden shutters and quiet splendour. I think I must have walked easily 2-3 km without realising it. FRom City Hall to Raffles Square to the Marina Mandarin and then to Bras Basah Road where we had a great time looking at second hand bookshops!

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Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What beautiful imagery!!! I'm happy you had a great Singapore visit with your granddaughter. Old buildings have such character and you can almost see the people of the past when viewing them.

Hugs, JJ