8 Jul 2008


Sarah's back and we're in Malacca since she'll be doing her practical at the GH here. Since I arrived home, I've been gardening with a vengeance. My roses are doing okay but they're not in full bloom. One or two even look a bit sickly and I'm hoping they'll respond to my tender loving care in the next few days. Maybe I have to get more sand too - perhaps too much of the black soil is not good. Anyway I've already put some fertilisers and hope to see some blooms next week. I'm thinking of getting rid of the bamboo - especially the yellow ones which are proving to be a real annoyance because of the leaves. They fall into the pond and I have to net them out every day. I'm also thinking maybe I should plant some roses on the ground - they do better there I think. I'd love to have some border flowers, in fact I wish I can have an English garden, with lots of colourful flowers all over, haphazardly. When I was in Lancaster way back in the 90s, I used to walk from the university to Galgate, a tiny village north of the university. I enjoy looking at the English cottages along the lane and the beautiful gardens they have. Lots of flowers, and lots of colour. If only I can recreate that here in tropical Malaysia.

Mak is with us here in Batu Berendam. She no longer wants to stay at Adi's house in Semabok and I think its because she was hurt by Lin's thoughtless remark about money. Granted she is more sensitive these days, but I think its natural for someone of her age. She has her pride too and I know how she hates being dependent on anyone and with Lin saying or implying that she is wasting Adi's money, I can understand how she feels. I think Lin should not have said whatever she said anyway. After all Mak has a greater right to Adi's money than anybody else.

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Anonymous said...

You know what's missing in the garden? A pet. I think we should consider getting a pet tortoise or something like that. Or maybe a Tenuk.. but Tenuk are exceedingly rare nowadays. A tortoise would be really nice. Perhaps even a pet goat. Arwah datuk always wanted a goat but nenek wouldn't let him have one.