28 Sep 2007

Bored out of my skull

This is the second week I'm here at Poh Ling's house taking care of my cucu. She's a doll but I do feel bored at times even though Poh Ling has said that I can make use of her pc and read any of the books I like. It is lovely... being able to sit and read... though taking care of Sophie is no joke. She's sleeping right now so I can make use of this computer as you can see but I sometimes wonder if my brains will shrivel for want of anything challenging to do.

Sometimes I wonder what other people my age do - apart from looking after their grand children I mean. I dont want to end up being a nanny to my grand kids. Repin asked the other day if I wanted to teach some English classes - that would be ok I think. But what I'd really love to do is write some stories for children. For this I need to be in Malacca permanently - not have to travel to and fro all the time. Writing,I think needs to be done in a quiet place - at least the kind of writing I want to do. Also here in Malaysia its so difficult to get your books published - unless its for school and are workbooks. Two years ago I gave Joyce my jazzchant which I had prepared for lower primary kids - complete with exercises and activities in case parents feel its not educational enough - and she still said that they couldn't publish it because there was no market. It's kind of sad that our people here don't appreciate good books for children and only see workbooks as reading material for their children. And yet, the ones that you see in the market (published overseas or in Singapore) are nothing much - mainly pictures.

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