10 Nov 2006

Eger, Hungary

Our hotel in Eger, Hungary

Daniella, Me and Puan Sri Eve View infront of Hotel Eger

The Parliament house in Budapest, which looks like a palace

The Danube River which flows through Budapest

We're attending a conference in BUdapest and after that Repin, Dr mansor and I are going on to Nizhny to visit Sarah and Zakiah. Budapest is actually two cities - Buda on the right side of the Danube River and Pest, which is an older and more ancient city on the opposite side of the famed Danube. We arrived early in the morning - about 10 am and the weather is fantastic. There is a bit of a bite in the air, its fresh and cool and the skies are beautifully blue. We were met by one of the University of Eger's staff - Daniella who took us for a short tour of Budapest while we waited for a group of Egyptian delegates who would travel down to Eger with us. I love Budapest - its really so beautiful. I think its typically European, with its narrow cobbled roads, castle -like buildings and beautiful architecture. The Danube flows through the city and even though it does not look blue (as in Blue Danube the song) - it is still a beautiful river.
Eger is a small town - almost like a village in fact. But its so old and the architecture is beyond words. On the second day Puan Sri and I took a walk around the town and I must say its a beautiful place.

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