27 Jul 2006

shopping spree, Bandung

Our second day in Bandung was spent shopping shopping and more shopping. We visited all the factory outlets there were on Jalan Sukajadi. Cascades, Heritage, Diaz and so many more. Bought shoes, clothes for Sara and Shasha and handbags, purses, t shirts. Rahman and Lela also had a great time shopping I think. They had to get more money because they ran out after the first shop. 3rd day Lela and I went to the Pasar Baru. The two girls went with their dad to the more modern shops. They seem to like Rumah Mode. Anyway Pasar Baru is just like Pengkalan Kubu in Kelantan or numerous other shops in Jakarta or even in some places in Thailand. Cheap clothes no doubt but I didnt really like the type - very makcik. Lela of course liked them. Bought telekong and some blouses though. Lela bought a lot of stuff - she prefers it here to Rumah Mode or the other factory outlets!
Tomorrow we would be flying back to KL. I think its just nice 4 days and 3 nights. One more night and we'd be bored stiff be'coz there's really not much to do besides shop. And how much can you shop? WE were driven to this scenic place - Tangkuban Perahu - a dormant volcano which is supposed to look like an overturned perahu. Can't really see it though - I mean you can only see such stuff from afar. Anyway the journey itself is quite interesting - we passed pretty villages perched picariously on the hill slopes, lots of gardens (private ones) and vegetable gardens cut into the mountain sides.
Tangkubanperahu was a bit of a disappointment. So many touts trying to sell you everything - the children were the worst. They catch hold of your clothes and will not release you until you buy something. Dont think I'll ever go there again!

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