4 May 2004

Melbourne, Australia

Infront of the Market, Melbourne

Just finished our course on standardized tests in Sydney. Decided to go to Melbourne to visit Acom. Will be with her for a few days and then go back to KL.

Her house is pretty nice - its on a quiet street and is a single story detached. There are only three rooms though and I stayed in the guest room which is small but pretty and comfortable. That night we had dinner with the whole family - Paul came over but he had practically nothing to say to me. He didn't even ask any questions about Malaysia or about the course. Glenn of course did all the talking . Terry, Acom's husband was kind of quiet too but at least I know that he had always been the quiet kind. While there Acom took me to see her beach house which is about an hour's drive away. We brought along some sandwiches and cake and had tea there. Its a large house though there are only two rooms but I guess it suffices for a holiday home. The beach is nothing great - its not sandy like our beaches but its pretty enough. I even posed for some pictures with some divers I met at the pier! Imagine that. We also did some shopping , though not that much. I bought a handbag for Sara and Shasha. But shopping with Acom is not as nice as shopping with Pam. Pam just lets you buy whatever you want - but Acom will tell you that is too expensive etc etc. Anyway when I was with Pam I bought a whole set of Correlle dinner plates - lovely and simple green leaves. They were so cheap it would be a sin not to buy!! Ha ha. Spent 3 days in Melbourne and flew back to KL from there. Also met up with Rick while I was in there - took me out for a pizza dinner.

Melbourne is a really beautiful place, wish I can stay here longer. I love the greenness - large trees line up the roads and lots of flowers everywhere. The Fitzeroy Gardens was really a fantastic place - the colours and the variety of flowers are simply gorgeous.

They have roses everywhere - white roses lined the banks of so many roads - I've not seen that before, even in the UK.
Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

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