4 Apr 2004


After the course was over, I went to Melbourne to see Acom. Jamil and the Lembaga gang also had to go to Melbourne so we all flew together - luckily for me because my bags were quite heavy already. Decided to take one day away from Acom so I booked in at the Mercure with the group and only called Acom the next day. That evening we all took a walk along the river and also took a ride on the free tram that goes all over Melbourne. Melborne is really a beautiful city - green and lots of gardens all around it. Ricky came to see me in the evening and we had dinner at some pizza place.

Early the next day, on 4 April Acom and her husband came to fetch me from the hotel. It was nice of them. They showed me around the city before we went to their house. We also stopped at the Botanical garden, Fitzroy gardens and went to the market place. The market itself looks beautiful - does not look like a market at all. Acom also took me to see this miniature Shakespearean village. It had some quaint looking Tudor villages, a blacksmith, tiny houses and even a puppet theatre.
Acom lives in a single story bungalow. Its a nice place, surrounded by large trees and neat gardens. It reminds me very much of Glendale, except in Glendale the houses are bigger. The streets are smaller too, but you can hardly see any cars. It's so quiet and peaceful.